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The following are nonplayable nations in North America except in the Overkill map:

  • Greenland (Capital: Nuuk, nonplayable in Overkill)

Greenland Flag

  • Bermuda (Capital: Bermuda, nonplayable in Overkill)

Bermuda Flag

  • The Bahamas (Capital: Nassau, other cities in Overkill: Congo Town)

The Bahamas Flag

  • Jamaica (Capital: Kingston)

Jamaica Flag

  • Haiti (Capital: Port-Au-Prince, does not exist in Overkill)

Haiti Flag

  • Dominican Republic (Capital: Santo Domingo, other cities in Overkill: Puerto Plata, Port-Au-Prince)

Dominican Republic Flag

  • Puerto Rico (Capital: San Juan)

Puerto Rico Flag

  • Caribbean States (Capital: Port of Spain)

Caribbean States Flag


  • Most of these nations are playable in the Overkill event map. The exceptions are Greenland and Bermuda, which are still AI-controlled, and Haiti, which does not exist and is replaced with the Dominican Republic)
  • The Bahamas are only available in the Europe 1990 and the Overkill map.
  • Puerto Rico is its own country in the World War III map, but it is a province of the United States in the Flashpoint Europe map.
  • In the World at War 2020 map, Christiansted was a province of Puerto Rico to the lower right of San Juan. In reality, it is not a part of Puerto Rico but actually represented the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Caribbean States is a group of micronations with the capital of Trinidad and Tobago as its capital. Barbados is not included in it.