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Nation in the North American Continent bordered by the United States of America to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the south, to the west it faces the Pacific Ocean and to the east the Atlantic Ocean. Once a mighty empire, Mexico is poised to regain its imperial status.

Its in-game description currently reads: "A medium sized nation, Mexico is the gateway between North and Central America. It has two mountain ranges protecting it's [sic] western shoreline, but with the intimidating weight of the US on its northern border, it may be wise to head south."


  • The only threats are the United States of America and Cuba behind the controls of a skilled player.
  • There are many small AI nations south of Mexico, allowing for Mexico to easily annex and expand into Central America.


  • Only 6 cities to mobilize units in. Mexico will be off to a rather slow start, making it vulnerable to the United States during early game.