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Insurgents are the troops of Rogue State. They spawn in cities when they revolt against a player. Some factors that affect the insurgency chance are:
  • Morale
  • Number of units stationed in the province

Factors that affect morale are:

  • Presence of enemy units in the province
  • Morale of the surrounding provinces
  • Distance from and presence of the headquarters
  • Civilian casualties
  • Presence of contamination

Non-city provinces have a very small chance of rebelling. A newly conquered city at 25% morale has a 50% chance of rebelling if no units are stationed in it, and a city that has been occupied for one day and has 30% morale has a 24% chance of rebelling.

Insurgents are weak, but they can increase in number and move around, becoming dangerous if they capture other unprotected territory.

All insurgency-controlled countries are part of the same "nation," so invading one insurgency province will cause one to go to war with all other insurgency-controlled provinces.


How insurgents look like in the game.