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Welcome to Conflict of Nations!

Welcome to Conflict of Nations: Modern War. Conflict of Nations is a free-to-play real-time strategy war game based in modern times. The game features over 100 units and allows players to play as one of many global and regional superpowers. Players fight against each other and against AI opponents to dominate the planet.

Recent News

General Update (February 7, 2019) 2019-02-08 Malta Map Update

  • New map: Civil War Malta
  • The gold button is now disabled for situations where you cant use it (Units in combat, Full health units etc.)
  • Updated official wiki texts: Units, Combat, Campaign Types
  • Security Council players will now be removed from new games, if they join but do not perform a single action within 45 minutes (making way for other players)
  • Reduced homeland cities limit from 6 to 5 across all maps
  • Added a warning popup when cancelling research, construction or mobilization
  • Balancing updates to the Towed Artillery, Mobile Artillery, Multiple Rocket Launcher, Helicopter Gunship, Attack Helicopter, ASW Helicopter, and Cruise Missile

General Update (January 24, 2019)

2018-06-13-general update

  • Theater Defense System made more powerful against missiles, anti-air made less powerful
  • In the World War III map, AI nations are now easier to conquer
  • Other minor rebalancing, map updates, and bug fixes, including that regarding the leader of a coalition

Nationalization Update (January 17, 2019)

2019-1-17 nationalize update

  • For countries with less than 6 cities, any occupied city can become a homeland city at no cost
  • Some games will now be "international" and include players from all languages. Other than messages, the game will still be in the language that one chooses.
  • CoN is now available in Simplified Chinese
  • Naval missile defense is nerfed
  • Small AI nations start with 1 National Guard instead of 1 Motorized Infantry
  • Relocating Headquarters now take much less time and resources
  • Adjustments to the Overkill map
  • Bug fixes

Bridgehead Update (December 19, 2018)

2018-12-19 bridgehead-update

  • Navy Wharfs have been renamed to Pontoons and take less time and money to build.
  • City and province boundaries are being reshaped.
  • Other minor rebalancing updates and bug fixes.

Latest activity

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