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World War III Map

Canada is one of the three major countries of North America. It is a playable country in the World War III map. The United States is its only neighbor, so it is wise to either join an alliance or prepare for war. Its headquarters is in Ottawa.

Its in-game description reads: "Geographically a large nation, located at the very tip of North America, this nation has no potential enemies except the United States in the south, and Alaska to it's [sic] west. Being so large, it lacks the population centers of other similarly sized nations, and must decide early on how to proceed."


  • The only major threat is the United States of America in the South.
  • The Northern part is mostly snow, slowing down invading units that try to flank through the North.


  • Can be very easily flanked through Alaska by the United States.
  • All the cities are in the South, making the North of Canada highly undefended.

Flashpoint Europe

In the Flashpoint Europe map, Canada is a small AI-controlled country in the upper left-hand corner of the map. Its headquarters and only city is in Toronto (Electronics).


  • There are many islands in northern Canada, but they are not considered provinces and ships can move through them.
  • The in-game province boundaries do not follow real life province boundaries.
  • In the Flashpoint Europe map, although Ottawa is a province, it is not the headquarters of Cana.